Working with conversion notes


The Conversion Notes feature, also known as "Conversion Comments" or "Cancellation Reason," is designed to streamline communication between partners and advertisers on your platform. It allows for a detailed, organized, and searchable listing of reasons for conversion status changes, such as cancellations or rejections.

Conversion Notes provide a structured way to communicate specific reasons for the status changes of conversions.

Components of a Conversion Note

  • Code: A unique identifier transmitted during tracking or validation processes.

  • Title: The name of the conversion note, summarizing the reason.

  • Description: An optional field providing additional details or clarifications.


  • Clarity: Clearly communicates the reason for conversion status changes to partners.

  • Searchability: Enables filtering and searching through conversion reasons.

  • Multilingual Support: Can be set up to support multiple languages, enhancing understanding across diverse partners.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

The UI now includes options to filter by specific conversion notes, improving navigation and review of conversion data.

Filtering Options

  • Users can select from a predefined list of filters to sort through conversions.

  • Partners have access to the same filter options, ensuring consistent communication.

Implementation of a list of comments

Just provide your list of conversion notes (or cancellation reasons) to Ingenious via support ticket or slack. We will do the implementation to your platform.

A sample list view is provided, illustrating how conversion notes can be laid out:








Invalid Order

Order was invalid and could not be fulfilled


Order returned by customer

Customer sent back order





How to Use Comments

  • Status Changes: Clearly state the intention behind the status change by using a pre-defined comment or writing a custom one. When using the pre defined comment, use the Code during the validation process.

  • Rejections: When rejecting a conversion, provide a comment to offer the partner context for the decision. When using the pre defined comment, use the Code during the validation process.

  • parameter transmission: You may also transmit conversion notes with your conversion tracking tag (e.g. serverside). The name of the parameter isconversionnote. Value should be the Code.
    Example: conversionnote=RETURNED