What is the Conversion Request Explorer?

The Explorer allows you to raise and manage Conversion Requests. You can click on on each Conversion Request in order to display details of the request as well as the data about the conversion.

How ist the Conversion Request Explorer working?

The Explorer consists of three parts and you are able to

  • filter for Conversion Requests,

  • show a list of Conversion Requests in a table view,

  • show the complete Conversion Request in the info panel on the right


You can also create and update Conversion Requests by importing a file. If you want to raise a single Conversion Request, you can also do it manually with the create new functionality on the top right.

Filtering Conversion Requests

You can use the filter panel to filter certain Conversion Requests.
By default, all Conversion Requests in status ‘Failed', ‘Accepted’ or ‘Inquired’ that were raised in the last 14 days are shown.

Table View of Conversion Requests

Each filter result is shown in a table that gives you more information about

  • When was the Conversion Request created?

  • Who has created the Conversion Request?

  • What is the current status of the Conversion Request?

  • Which Conversion should be changed?

  • Which Advertiser and Partner is involved?

  • How much Commission needs to be paid and which Commission Model is used?

The info panel of a Conversion Request


In the info panel are two tabs available. The first tab called 'meta' shows meta information about the request:

  • Comments are used for communication between parties involved. Usually the Partner to the Admin or Advertiser

  • Attachments can be used for the purpose of evidence. Partners may send additional information about the Conversion requested.


Beside this common request data, you are also able to check the Conversion that is requested for change in the second tab called 'data': This detailed view shows you all fields of the Conversion. Depending on the type of the Conversion Request, you will see

  • Create New
    This type of Conversion Request is used to create a complete new Conversion.
    All fields of the Conversions which were requested are shown.

  • Change Existing
    This type of Conversion Request is used to change an existing Conversion. In that case, you will see all fields of the current Conversion. The fields that would be changed by the Conversion Request are marked. This will help you to check the current and new values and see if you would apply the correct changes.

In both cases, the Conversion which is shown in the detail view is structured into three sections:

  • You can see all common information about this Conversion in the Conversion section.

  • In the Touchpoint section, you will be able to see any data about the Partner.

  • Additional data are shown in the last section.

Export of Conversion Requests

The current filtered list of Conversion Requests can be exported. Have a look to the export function with more information about this feature.