What is the Conversion Request Import?

You can make an import of Conversion Requests in order to raise new Requests or change existing Requests. This might be helpful for you in case of hundreds or thousands of Conversion Requests.


How about the file format?

You can upload Excel files and an example file is provided containing all fields of a Conversion. Have a look to the Import Bulk section in order to download the example file. The format is flexible in column order and all mandatory columns are marked bold and underline. All optional columns can be removed.

Example to raise Conversion Requests for creating some missing Conversions. Only mandatory columns are used.


How about validation of imports?

Checks in our example file

Our import example file contains additional cell checks and dropdown selections:

  • Fields with a restricted set of options like request status, request type etc. supports you with a simple dropdown.

  • Date ranges will be checked

  • Ranges for numeric values will be check

Checks during the import

Any file which has been uploaded will be checked immediately. In case of missing or wrong columns you will receive an error message immediately after the upload.

Checks after the import

In case your file contains errors like wrong IDs or other failures related to the underlying data, you will be able to download that file with an explanation of errors for each row. This will help you to allocate the right cell.

An uploaded file with errors, click on the download icon to get a detailed explanation