Conversion Requests

What are Conversion Requests?

Conversion Requests allow a user of the platform to raise a request to create or change Conversions. The feature is available for both agency and partner users. There are special permissions to be granted to use the full functionality and to prevent users from accepting their own requests if they wish to.

Head over to the Conversion Request Explorer to manage new Conversion Requests or update existing ones. If you want to handle thousands of Conversion Requests, you may be interested in our Conversion Request Import tool.

Which types of Conversion Requests are available?

You can raise two kinds of Conversion Requests.

  • Create New
    Do you miss a Conversion in the platform? Raise this kind of Conversion Requests in order to create a missing or untracked Conversion.

  • Change Existing
    Once a Conversion is tracked and generated in the Platform, a user may want to change the revenue, status, or some additional values like subId 1-6, etc. In this case, an authorized user can raise a Conversion request to change the existing conversion.

What does the status of a Conversion Request mean?

Each Conversion Request has a status that indicates the current step of the process chain

  • Inquired:
    A new Conversion Request has been raised. Once this is done by a user, this Request needs to be validated by the admin of the platform.

  • Accepted:
    The Conversion Request has been accepted by a user and is now going to be processed automatically after a few seconds.

  • Processed:
    Once the Conversion Request is accepted, our backend will process the data. Based on the type of the Conversion Request, a new Conversion will be created or an existing one will be updated. Once this status is reached the Conversion Request can no longer be changed or brought back to another status. If you want to make further changes to the conversion you have to simply raise a new Request.

  • Rejected:
    An inquired Conversion Request can be rejected by a user. This does usually happens when there was an error in the Conversion data of the Request. Maybe the same Conversion does already exist or is already paid.

  • Failed:
    This is an internal status that should not happen usually. The processing of an accepted Conversion Request can fail for technical reasons which were not covered by data validation.

The following drawing shows the status changes that the user and the system can make.